Land where Diesel is cheaper than regular. Yes!!

6/21   Today we arrived in Brigham City, Utah, so named because Brigham Young gave his last public speech here. One of the veterinarians in town has built an off-leash dog park next to his practice, and Gus enjoyed that. Stephen and I enjoyed the fact that he was tired and quiet afterwards. The town is small but very tidy and well-kept. We drove by the LDS Temple that appeared to be floating on air.

Brigham City Mormon Temple
Brigham City Mormon Temple

Our next-door neighbor and new best friend, 74-year-old Val was setting up his outdoor theater. He has been traveling for ten years in a lovely motorhome with his wife and her widowed sister. They stay inside the motorhome and watch whatever they want, and Val goes outside to use his theater. He says he loves them both, and they are great cooks, but enough time together is enough time together. Stephen is now looking for an outside place to install a television screen.

Outdoor Home Theater
Outdoor Home Theater

2 thoughts on “Land where Diesel is cheaper than regular. Yes!!

  1. Looks like a pretty small home theater … Maybe you should consider a projection setup Steve.
    You guys are from Texas where everything is bigger … No?


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