And Home Again

9/23/15 to 10/6/15   (17,200 miles)       Our visit to Aunt Yvonne and part of her family was good, as always. We had dinner with Jeff and Marilyn, joined by Abbi, Noah and Kate. Evan was ill, so he and Ryan stayed home. We enjoyed dinner and visiting with the family. It was our … More And Home Again


9/12/15 – 9/22/15 (15,422 miles) Gus is recovering from the departure of Viky, although he has stopped sleeping in our bedroom and begun sleeping under the breakfast table that converted into a bed for Viky. We drove from Breckenridge to Greenwood, Nebraska, on September 12. This was an unremarkable trip except that Stephen banged his … More Chicago

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

8/24/15 – 8/31/15 (12,027 miles) We arrived at the Sunrise Campground in Bozeman on Monday and were immediately made comfortable with both the campground and with the city. Maryjo, our host at the campground, answered question after question and provided coupons for various stores where we needed things. She told us about the Tuesday evening … More Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

The Klondike

8/10/15 – 8/19/15 (8,760 miles) Returning from Anchorage along our now familiar trail, we stayed again at Tolsona Wilderness RV and Tok RV parks. We noticed the shortening of daylight hours. This close to the pole summer days are longer than in Dallas and winter days are shorter, so it should have been intuitively obvious … More The Klondike

And Back to Anchorage

8/7/15 – 8/10/15 (8,260 miles)   We departed Fairbanks for Tok and stopped at an old-fashioned drive-in for lunch. The parking lot was gravel, so the carhops were not wearing roller skates, but Vladimir was fascinated with eating in one’s car with a food tray dangling from the window. We couldn’t get our lengthy vehicle … More And Back to Anchorage


8/2/15 -8/6/15 (7,334 miles) Having given up on seeing The Tall One, we drove northward to Fairbanks. Fairbanks, along with the Yukon River and Nome, was a major gold-mining area. Gold is still mined here, but the operations are much more limited and controlled than in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We started … More Fairbanks

Breaking Bad

7/31/15 Back to “sometimes we are the bug.” Today we managed to lock ourselves out of the trailer. We were cooking potatoes on the stove, and Gustav was in the trailer, when we arrived back from a ten minute foray to the campground office to find 1) the door locked, and 2) the trailer keys … More Breaking Bad