1094 miles behind us!

6/18               This evening we stayed in Colorado Springs. Stephen needed new boots so we trekked across town to REI. As we returned, in traffic that prevented our stopping for a photo, we watched a monumental thunderhead move over Pikes Peak. It was stunning.

I-80 and the Snowy Range Wyoming
I-80 and the Snowy Range Wyoming

6/19               Heading for Rawlins, WY, we stopped in Laramie for lunch. We eat at Mom and Pop places, and today we happened into O’Dwyer’s Irish Pub (happened?) where we had the best Welsh pasty we’ve eaten in the USA. When we arrived at the campsite we found that one of the cabinet doors had opened and a few of our plates had fallen onto the floor and broken. Fortunately, every Wal-Mart carries our fine china, so, while replacing the broken crockery was expensive, it was possible. While returning from Wal-Mart we stopped to look at the sturdy old train depot where people were entering and exiting.   We stuck our heads in and found preparations under way for a dinner. A young boy told us his parents were going to be married the next day, and he wanted us to tour the room and look at family photos. We joined him and thoroughly enjoyed our time with him.

Union Pacific Depot, Rawlins, Wyoming

One thought on “1094 miles behind us!

  1. Good to hear from you! Flooding news from TX : Lake Texoma one again crested the Denison dam spillway. The highest lake level before this year was 644.76′ in 1990. There are now two flood crests higher than that this month — June 1 (645.72) and June 21 (645.36).

    Drive safe! Keeps the dishes in one piece.


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